Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Warren Insight was established in 2017 as a Houston based business consultancy with a focus on helping nonprofits and creative professionals with strategic planning, capacity building, and professional skill development.

Who are your clients?

We serve two related constituencies – nonprofit organizations and creative professionals

Clients include nonprofit organizations needing board retreat, multi-year planning, organizational assessment, and capacity building services.  Individual creative professionals, including artists and individuals within nonprofit organizations are often in need of coaching to build business skills or a personal strategic plan.

Are there differences in the services that you provide your two client types?

Yes and no.

In terms of strategic planning all business, organization or business owners benefit from the creative energy unleashed by a focused, compelling vision and plan.  Many creative professionals do run small businesses and individual artists are best viewed as for-profit small businesses, not as extensions of the nonprofit organizations that may support them. The strategic planning process for an individual borrows a great deal from the process of planning for an organization, but it should include an additional focus on work/life balance and personal lifetime priorities.

In terms of capacity building and skill development, the individuals within nonprofits, small creative firms, and individual creative professionals have rarely had the opportunity to obtain extensive professional development. We know first-hand the impact that kind of skill development can have, and we’re excited to help others build those skills.

Most consulting groups really want big projects, are you honestly interested in something really small?

Of course we love big meaty projects where we have a profound impact on an organization or an individual.  But we are more than happy to take on small projects such as planning and facilitating a 4-hour workshop, or helping an individual talk through a specific tough negotiation. We’ve learned that a few hours of coaching can sometimes make a big difference. And that’s why we’re here, to make a difference.