Services for Nonprofits

Warren Insight provides consulting services are based on decades of experience with large and small organizations. Services are personalized for your goals and your situation.

  • strategic planning
  • meeting / retreat design and facilitation
  • board development
  • executive coaching / staff development

Strategic Planning:  big dreams, small steps

Strategic Planning services may be as basic as facilitating a board retreat, or as major as a refresh of an organization’s mission, evaluation of the business model viability, and the cascading changes to plans, finances, and communications.

Mission, vision, and goal setting: Develop or refine long-term and short-term goals based on mission and vision. May include SWOT analysis, constituency analysis, and benchmarking.

Plan Development: Evaluate alternatives to meet goals, including challenges and opportunities. Build an action plan factoring in timeline and resources constraints.

Financial analysis: Quantify costs and benefits of initiatives, including: cash flow projections, analysis of fixed and variable costs and potential changes in income or expenses.

Communications Planning:  Analyze the needs and construct a guide for the delivery of consistent communication to improve internal or external communications.

Meeting / retreat design and facilitation

A well-structured meeting or retreat combined with an experienced facilitator can improve participation and the quality of the discussion.  Generate pragmatic actionable plans for next steps, whether you need to define a problem or solve one, to evaluate the big-picture or make a specific decision.

Board development

Your Board of Directors is responsible for providing overall leadership. While this may sound straight forward, it rarely is. Whether your board is high functioning and productive, or struggling, the following activities should be conducted on a regular basis:

  • define or refine board structure, board roles and responsibilities
  • review governance documents and policies
  • evaluate the effectiveness and dynamics of the board and make improvements
  • gain critical board guidance and buy-in for strategic planning

Executive coaching / staff development

Build on your strengths and/or resolve issues. See problems more clearly and develop solutions to complex challenges. We can help you develop critical skills in a confidential one-on-one environment, or in a group setting depending on your needs.   Specific offerings include all of the services we offer for individual creative professionals.

  • personal strategic planning: big dreams, small steps
  • financial planning: it’s not about the money, it’s about your life
  • public speaking and presentation skills: reduce anxiety and connect with your audience
  • win/win negotiations: get what you need without being a jerk
  • the basics of contracts: how to ask the right questions
  • effective communications: getting the word out
  • giving constructive feedback: a powerful mixture of respect, sincerity, and honesty
  • facilitation skills: meetings…. get a lot done and even have a little fun

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